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Into the Black

Into The Black: Odyssey One - Evan C. Currie

  Into The Black is about the exploration vessel Odyssey on it's maiden voyage, flying straight into an interstellar war that's just started.


  The book blurb describes itself as military sci-fi that combines 'old-school space opera and modern storytelling' and I'd say that's a fair summation.  There's a decent amount of characterisation, the pacing of the book is fast and the author can do action scenes well both in space and on the ground.



    I like the method of FTL travel employed and it's effect upon the Odyssey's crew, how Earth's technology evolved in different direction from those of the races they encounter and gives the Odyssey a fighting chance in a hostile encounter despite having a generally lower tech base.


  Odyssey One is a series that I most definitely will be carrying on with.