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Why? Audible Studios, why?!

  The Honor Harrington series by David Weber is one of my favourites, to such an extent that I usually buy both the ebook and audiobook version.  I won't be doing that with the fourteenth entry, Shadow of Victory.


  I've always been very happy with the narrator of the audiobook version, Allyson Johnson.  Unfortunately Audible Studios in their wisdom has decided to change the narrator and it's one I've had a bad experience with before.


  The narrator of Shadow of Victory is Kevin T. Collins who tries to make everything sound dramatic with the result that nothing stands out.  If there was a scheduling problem I'd have much preferred to wait for Allyson to be available instead of Kevin especially when she's done the previous thirteen entries in the series.  To change the narrator so far into a series seems to be a lose/lose proposition.  Anyone who is not happy with Allyson will not have made it to book 14 and any fans of Kevin's narration won't start a series on book 14 either.