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Warrior King. Everything I expect from Evan Currie.

Warrior King - Evan Currie

  Warrior King by Evan Currie is the fifth book in the Odyssey One series and it's everything I've come to expect from this series, both good and bad.


  On the good side it's fast paced space opera with some good action and we do learn a bit more about the people who controlled the Drasin in the earlier books.


  The bad side is the book has errors, I don't mean typos but continuity errors that an editor or readers of advanced copies should have caught.  Here are a few examples:



- At the end of the second book in the series there is a meeting where intelligence gathered by the Odyssey is discussed.  In Warrior King it becomes apparent that this meeting never happened except that later in the book it did as the gathered intelligence is specifically referred to by a captain of the Priminae.


-  Captain Weston supposedly never reported his encounter with Central.  Except that in previous books he did and was even tasked with trying to find out more about Central.


  The Odyssey One series is fantastically entertaining but little errors have been creeping in since the second book and it seems to be getting worse with Warrior King.  


  Warrior King also feels short, partly this is due to the fast pace but it is at least one hundred pages shorter than previous entries in the series.


  Overall I found Warrior King to be great entertainment and I really am looking forward to the next book in the series but it's let down by errors and being a bit short.