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Genre snobbery is still alive and kicking

  As I only buy books in digital format these days I decided to donate some books I'd already repurchased as ebooks as well as a a few unwanted books to my local library.


 Let's just say the librarian was unimpressed from his body language and the sound of his voice and he made a point of saying they were likely to go to another library or resold.  It couldn't have been the quality of the books, they were all in great condition with no wear and tear on the spine or corners so I have to assume it was down to the genre, they were all science fiction or fantasy books.


  After making the donation I decided to look at the science fiction and fantasy section as it had been years since I last visited and was curious to see what was in it.  I was dismayed to find it had shrunk from two bookcases and one of those wire framed carousels to three shelves.


  I think that in future I'll be donating my printed books to charity shops instead of the library.