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A Golden Age comic in book form

Hyperforce - Ralph L. Angelo Jr.

An alien pince crash lands on Earth after his ship is shot down by his pursuers.  This event brings together the superheroic team Hyperforce.


  Hyperforce is set on Earth just as superheroes and supervillains are emerging.  I'm not old enough to remember the golden age of comics but this book seems to capture the spirit of that time in comic history when every power was fresh and you knew exactly who were the good guys and the bad guys.  No grim dystopian storyline here!


  Hyperforce is a simple fun story with tons of superheroic action.  I particularly like how the uncle and nephew relationship between two of the heroes is dealt with. My only nitpick is that the heroine gets kidnapped too often.


  Recommended for anyone who appreciates superhero comics aimed at younger readers (I'd guess early to mid-teens).