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More Grimnoir!

Murder on the Orient Elite - Larry Correia, Bronson Pinchot

  If you've read the Grimnoir Chronicles then Murder on the Orient Elite should just be added to your TBR list.  For those of you that haven't.


  Murder on the Orient is a short story set after the events of the Grimnoir Chronicles.  Jake Sullivan is informed a bomb has been smuggled aboard an airship and sets about finding it before innocent lives are lost.


  My immediate thoughts after reading Murder on the Orient Elite?  That it was a greatly entertaining read, I really miss the world of the Grimnoir, I want more!


 If you're in the market for the best action scenes mixed with interesting characters and magic system then go read the Grimnoir Chronicles starting with Hard Magic then you can read Murder on the Orient Elite.


  I should mention I listened to the audiobook version and the narrator does a superb job.  Although you wouldn't know it by listening, the narrator is Bronson Pinchot who played Serge in Beverly Hills Cop.